MANTRIN is a Sanskrit word meaning a scholar especially within artistic or intellectual circles; a counsellor who guides with his 'mantras'.

At Mantrin, our ever-spontaneous minds are always working on innovative and pragmatic ideas. The services we provide are the means of channelizing this power. In fact, our ability to think out-of-the-box is our talent that helps our clients to compete and to succeed. Considering demands and resources, we develop the right mix of our services. The whole gamut of our services encompasses following activities but is not limited to these only read more

  • Corporate

  • Digital Marketing
    & Communications

  • media

  • community

  • When it comes to making print happen fast, accurately and efficiently, you can count on Lalit and his team to deliver a grand slam every time. Lalit’s combined expertise in print production and technology coupled with his understanding of our business are unique qualities that helped strengthen Pavitra’s  print marketing programs 

    Kunal Goyal & Harsh Goyal, MD Pavitra- Jewellery for Life