We are the Mantrins. We are the thinkers and doers of Mighty things. No matter of the title or role assigned, we are creatively led and strategically driven. Our Mantra is to keep striving for individual as well as team’s excellence.

Lalit K. Sharma


The founder of Mantrin, A man who leads his team from conception to overall campaign execution. He is passionately involved in every stratum of the agency’s operations. Armed with an extensive experience in his field, his quest for knowledge and the desire to explore newer pastures motivates him to add an unconventional perspective to the company’s profile every year. Owing to his outgoing nature we not only add brands to our Portfolio but also develop life-lasting relationship with our clients. Being a foodie he loves to add different flavors to his work to make it like a buffet of diverse components. He’s not one of those who just dreams and goes off to sleep, but wakes up with a strong determination to make his dreams come true eventually. He always says “I am a student at University of Life - a lot to learn”.

Vikram Kashyap

Creative Head

He is “The man of the decade" for creative at Mantrin. Completing almost 10 years, he is our Silent Killer. He quietly observes all the minutest details & displays them in a visually alluring composition. With skill sets ranging from designing to planning to project management, Vikram brings an understanding of every element necessary for creation and compiling of creative work. So don’t be startled by his silence as there’s a bounty of talent hidden behind that.

Gopal Krishan Sharma

Manager Finance

Gopalji, as he is fondly known, is man who has the pulse of every penny agency spends and earns. In his 11 years of being a Mantrin, he has seen different seasons of agency life. He always proved to be of great support every time the agency had a tough time and makes sure even Lalit takes the right calls when it comes to finances.

Neha Sabharwal

Vice President

A go getter who believes in “Winning”. Neha Sabharwal is a true example of ‘Once a Mantrin, Always a Mantrin’. She has more than 14 years of of absolute experience in media industry. She spent 9 years at Mantrin before joining Indian Express. She is now back at Mantrin with a better clarity & zeal to offer the very best of a seasoned professional. She had bagged “Mantrin of the month” the very month she had joined the company and today she motivates many young colleagues.

Manish Kumar

Media Head

He came a long way, Manish is the man responsible for our timely execution of all Media activities. He started as a part of our Outdoor team. With his hard work and cordial relations with our vendors he started handling all our Media and has been doing it from the past 9 years. Apart from ensuring that our outdoor activities and campaigns are delivered on time, he has given a fair contribution in strengthening agency’s client support. He makes sure that our clients are served with the best.

Rahul Kapil

Business Head - IT

Rahul Kapil, our new Business Head for IT, is a young techie with 4 years of great learning at different IT companies. Rahul is responsible for web development, digital marketing and appy issues. He is a foodie, glued to his chair and married to his laptop & earphones.


Digital Marketing

The tech-kid of the company, Priyanka is an engineering & MBA graduate. Passionate about learning new things, she is the one that makes our technical and digital aspect organised. When not solving our endless queries, you can find her exploring new places and different cuisine.

Aakanksha Sharma

Content Lead

A jack of all trades is what describes this girl as the best. A proficient content writer and a versatile client servicing agent, Aakanksha knows how to take the bull by the horns. ‘Let your work do the talking’ is young lady’s motto. Humility naturally comes to her. Be it an outdoor event or a rush of work at office; she very effortlessly does it all. She is the source of the latest and all the news, the only one who reads more than most the Mantrin team does!

Richa Sharma

Client Servicing

‘Come what may, always smile’. Our girl lives by this simple but golden rule. A post-graduate in mass communication, she is our performer client servicing executive. She very effortlessly knows how to strike a chord with client needs. Our In-house Production person, her ideas are "out of the box”. Young lady is everybody’s favorite as she keeps everyone in high spirits with her lightheartedness. Not to forget her unending string of PJ’s!

Aastha Chopra

Client Servicing

A mass Communication graduate from Panjab University, Aastha brings to our client servicing team an experience of 2 years. A Shayari lover, she has the “patience of a saint”. Owner of a friendly personality, she understands well the client requirements and knows how to get work done.

Gurbir Singh Sidhu

Client Servicing & Content Writer

Having worked on the political campaigning, Gurbir has research as his niche area. An avid reader and eloquent speaker, he dabbles between Copywriting and Client Servicing efficiently. A happy-go-lucky personality, he is always ready to help others. Not to forget, his music playlist and snack supply bring respite to our long days.

Urvashi Malhan

Client Servicing

Urvashi is a master’s in economics and a budding client servicing executive. Her affection with food, puts a chip on her shoulder when it comes to handling our F&B clients. Her quirky ideas often help us in building ADs from the ground. With courtesy to her shopping cravings she is often seen receiving courtiers form Amazon, Flipkart and what not!

Hardeep Kaur


Talent in action, less on attitude. A graduate from Amritsar, Hardeep has a keen eye for a design. Started with internship has gained invaluable experience with Mantrin itself. Her long and boring music playlist thankfully doesn’t effect her work. Possessing a true love for her teammates she equally enjoys treating them with ice-creams and patties. Her tomboyish attitude makes her up for the challenges.

Ramandeep Kaur


The Delicate Darling of the office, Raman’s speciality lies in creating digital posts and lifestyle related creatives. Hardworking and dedication, her work speaks for her passion for creating new designs. Apart from her love for designing, she is equally crazy about food and often makes others join in her daily snacking.

Pallavi Negi


Although youngest in the creative team, Pallavi has created a place for herself with creative designs and innovative ideas. She takes every suggestion in her stride and constantly thrives to improve. Having a pleasant smile all the time, she is the laugh riot of the team and keeps everyone in high spirits with her constant jokes.


Media & Outdoor

He truly flexes the muscle for Mantrin. He has been the longest serving Mantrin ever since we tasted success. With a contribution of around 12 years years he has persistently strived towards making our agency Big, Bigger and Biggest. Workaholic by nature, he worships his works and is always there to assist and guide everybody around. His ability to perform special projects with precision and just a little late than the deadline has sustained many clients every the decade. Almost all our client know Sanjay and are mostly OK with the fact “It will be good work, mostly on time and sometimes just a bit late"

Ajit Kumar

Outdoor Manager

Mantrin’s printing machine! Our man with a backpack and a helmet, does all the to and fro to see that all printing jobs are done on time. He also takes care of Mantrin’s out-of-office tasks, besides getting us the best snack from never-heard-of eateries in the city.

Harbans Singh

Office Support

He is the official ’Saarthi’ for Mantrin. Though we, at Mantrin, are a big technology enthusiast but Sham is the reason we never required GPS and Google Maps. His Double-oh-Seven inspired driving skills and James Hunt inspired personality tackles the busy traffic filled roads of the Chandigarh Capital Region.

Deepak Kumar

Office Boy

The life line of Mantrin, and an integral part of our team, Deepak or ‘Deepak Bhaiyya’ as he is fondly called, makes sure everybody is comfortable at their desks. He keeps our office life in place by serving us with water, tea and food. Sometimes in the evening he does the all the running around for our quick evening snack.


Office Support

Sandeep is the selfie-boy of our office. Everybody’s day starts with his Good Morning and Namaste. As his shining smile keeps everybody in upbeat mood, he does all the magic in keeping the office spic and span. He makes sure all our worries are dusted away and keeps the office environment positive.

Shimla Aunty

House Keeping

She is the one who has prayed all the 16 years for the well being of Mantrin. As Lalit Says, Shimla Aunty is technically the first Mantrin. Having fought MC Elections, she is a leader and motivates when you talk to her. There is a famous Pic you can find on our FB page where Shimla Aunty is seen enjoying a smokey laugh with Chirag Mahabal (our intern who made it big in Bollywood). While her profile was always to keep the house ready for both party and work, these days she spends more of her time supervising.


House Keeping

He is the guy, who makes sure we start our day afresh. He comes to Mantrin before all of us and makes sure we all enjoy coming back every morning. Neetu loves surfing videos on YouTube and spends time watching new and songs after he gets free. Its most satisfying to see him sipping his morning tea after he is done with his chores. He is a simple man with very little talks but makes every one smile in exchange of his smile.